Hair Restoration With Exosomes

Hair Restoration With Exosomes

Hair Restoration With Exosomes

Exosomes are responsible for cell-to-cell communication and for facilitating the exchange of RNA and other important proteins between cells (e.g., fibroblasts, keratinocytes, immune cells, etc.), in addition to transferring numerous growth factors, cytokines and genetic materials that have shown signs of tissue repair and improving skin cells.

The exosomes also affect the duration of cycleof the. It has been shown that exosomes prolong the hair growth cycle. The hair cycle has three phases of growth:

  • Anagen phase – when hair is growing actively
  • Catagen phase – a transitional stage
  • Telogen phase:phase:phase: hair growth is stopped

The exosomes stimulate the hair follicles stuck in the telogen phase to enter the anagen phase.

Exosome treatments by Benev, including their Exosome Regenerative Complex, are a groundbreaking development in aesthetic technology. The Benev line of products delivers billions of stem cell-derived exosomes to trigger natural hair regeneration.

Exosome therapy is a highly advanced innovation in regenerative medicine. The basis of regenerative medCosmetic Surgery Servicesregrownre-grown hair will fall out.

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