AQUAFirme XS - Facial

AQUAFirme XS - Facial

AQUAFirme XS - Facial

AquaFirmeXS is unique because of our proprietary plant-based serums. They are derived from ancient Ayurvedic principles and brought into fruition with modern technology. The serums are specifically formulated from an organic blend of plant secretory factors that have been extensively studied over 20 + years and are specifically designed to correspond to the skin’s needs.

The World’s Best All-In-One Facial

Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate, and Nourish the skin with AquaFirmeXS! The AquaFirmeXS, Dermal Health Workstation, is a second-generation multifunctional platform utilizing our proprietary serums derived from plant extracts. Our proprietary serums are formulated to reward the skin with what it needs most and are powered by our patent-protected EXO|E technology.

The three unique technologies in the platform are designed to help exfoliate, and assist in delivering nutrients deep into the skin. They assist in providing a comfortable, painless experience with unparalleled results.

Now introducing CLARIFY, VIVIFY, DETOX and DEFY, derived from ancient Ayurvedic principles and available to us through modern technology. These serums correspond to the skin’s needs and are specifically designed to revitalize the appearance of the skin and defend against aging.

How Does It Work?

A complete treatment goes through a series of cycles including deep cleansing / exfoliation, hydrating, nourishing, brightening and rejuvenation. We will customize a treatment to your main concern, whether that be acne prone skin or fine lines and wrinkles.

Depending on your main concern, you can see improvement after one treatment. However, a series of one to three treatments may be needed to see optimum results. Such as for young hydrated clearing effect or fine lines and wrinkles.

Areas Covered

Marietta, Rome, Kennesaw, Woodstock, Cartersville, Acworth, Calhoun, Canton, Dalton, Hiram

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